Braun Silk Epil Pro 7681 Wet & Dry Epilator

I’ll start by saying that the first time I used this on dry legs, it hurt. Like the sting of a bee it hurt! But, after use, it hurts a lot less and now the Braun Silk Epil epilator is my hair removal appliance of choice.

The Silk Epil epilator contains over 40 tweezers so it plucks the hair (even if they’re only 0.5mm long) right from the root (hence the pain). This version of the epilator can be used wet or dry and I definitely recommend using it in the shower or bath as it is much less painful.

Using it in warm water improves your circulation and makes your skin less sensitive so unless you are particularly hardy, save it for the shower or bath. The epilator comes with Olay cooling wipes to prime your legs before you get epilating.

The epilator comes with various heads so it can be used anywhere on the face or body, including bikini area. It has a 2 pin plug so can only be used in a shaver socket unless you’re willing to buy an adapter.


Braun Silk Epil Epilator

It’s been 7 days and the prickles on my legs are just starting to come through. When you think that waxing your legs costs at least £10, and that you can use an epilator anywhere on your body, I think an epilator is a money saving product in the long term.

Braun Silk Epil Pro 7681 Wet & Dry Epilator – RRP £139.99

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  1. Madeka, it’s a shame that waxing is so expensive. When I discovered epilators, I loved them. You are right it takes a while to adjust to the pain. Some women find using it the shower is less painful, but when I tried I found that hair tends to stick more. Still, I like to have the option to use it under water. Which head do you think is the best for the using on the legs?

  2. I personally think that you shouldn’t try doing it dry except until you build a tolerance to the pain associated with the pulling. Always use it in wet situations. Epilators in general are painful because of the number of hairs that it pulls out at the same time. From what I have seen in my clients, pulling a few hairs at a single time is less painful than trying to go for a complete handful of hair.

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