Umberto Giannini Frizzi Range

The Umberto Giannini Frizzi range is a collection of eight products all meant to help in the battle against the dreaded frizz.

Umberto Giannini Frizzi range

Paul Gooch is the Senior Artistic Director at Umberto Giannini and has previously won a BAFTA for Best Hair and Make Up for his work on Tim Burton film Alice in Wonderland. He has styled the tresses of celebrities like Reece Witherspoon, Christina Ricci, Emily Blunt and Liv Tyler and done hair and make up on films like Disney’s Maleficent, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Kings Speech and The Other Boleyn Girl.

He is something of an expert when it comes to hair so we were happy to be able to ask him the following questions:

Why does my hair frizz?
In a word, humidity. When hair is styled the internal hydrogen bonds are rearranged into a uniform structure. Moisture however, will break the temporary bonds and return hair to its natural frizzy state. The higher the humidity and the moisture there is in the air, the more susceptible the hair is to frizz.

Is my type of hair more prone to frizz caused by damp than other hair types?
Thicker hair is the most susceptible because it contains more protein than finer hair which makes it stronger and also absorbs more moisture from the atmosphere.

Does frizz mean my hair is damaged hair or can healthy hair be frizzy too?
Nearly all hair is not totally smooth in its natural state so your hair doesn’t have to be damaged to be frizzy. However damaged hair is more frizz-prone as water can penetrate the damaged areas of the hair.

Armed with that knowledge, I tried two products from the new Frizzi range:


Intense Recovery Mask with Argan Oil – £5.99/200 ml
Miracle Worker with Argan Oil – £6.99/125 ml

The Intense Recovery Mask with Argan Oil is best used instead of your usual conditioner to boost moisture, strengthen and replenish the hair. It left my hair soft, shiny and manageable.

To add shine and extra heat protection before going over blow dried hair with straighteners, I use a few drops of Miracle Worker with Argan Oil. I also add a small amount in between washes to give some extra shine.

I think the Umberto Giannini Frizzi range is affordable, effective and perfect for straightening and smoothing any kind of curly hair.


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