The Best Cupcakes in London

Cupcakes. No longer a craze or a phase, there are times when a soft sweet, sponge and a light, whipped frosting are the only things that can get you through the afternoon.

I am in no way claiming to be an expert and I know this is a divisive topic but after eating way too much cake, here, in my humble opinion, is the best of the bunch:

Hummingbird Bakery – Unless you’ve been in solitary confinement for the past few years, you will have heard of this popular chain of cupcake shops. Famous for their genius daily specials like the chocolate bar inspired Crunchie, Topic and Double Decker cupcakes, they nail the cake in cupcake completely. Always light, not overly sweet and perfect with all their wonderful toppings.

Bake-a-Boo – Given a Bake-a-Boo cupcake and told to judge it against any other you’d be hard pressed to find anything out of the ordinary. But when you consider that they specialise in wheat-free, gluten-free and dairy-free cake, you understand why this fabulous West Hampstead haunt is on my list. Cake shouldn’t discriminate and all should have the right to eat cake as they see fit without having allergic reactions. They also do a vegan range. It’s hard to get a good icing without dairy products but Bake-a-Boo have nailed it.

Bea’s of Bloomsbury – I believe in saving the best for last and Bea’s is the best of the bunch; by a country mile. With four stores across London this, in my opinion, is the mecca for cupcakes. The secret here boils down to three words: Italian buttercream icing. So light, so sweet, so perfect – this elevates the cake to heavenly levels. Find your nearest shop, take a seat and wait to be overcome by the joy of cake.

All that cake wouldn’t be right without some coffee and I’ve been savouring it with One Love organic medium roast ground coffee from Marley Coffee – the gourmet coffee company founded by Bob Marley’s son, Rohan. The blend I tried was unmistakeably Jamaican with a rich earthy flavour. Prices start at £5.99 and the range can be found in Selfridges, all good delis or online at Amazon.

Who do you think does the best cupcakes in London?



  1. Oh AMEN. I regularly seek out Bea’s! Even if the detour is longer than the journey. Great meringues, Awesome marshmallows and the best dang layer cakes known to man. Even eaten whilst crying uncontrollable tears of joy? Try a chocolate and strawberry truffle layer cake!

  2. I’m so going to Bea’s within the next two weeks!

  3. Hummingbird have gone downhill massively since they opened. I was in their Soho store just last week and the shop assistants ignored me, the cakes looked old, and the one I ended up buying went in the bin because it was bland and… well, just… BLAH! Shame, they used to be amazeballs!

    I’ve just started ordering from Wraggamuffins in Ealing, one of the best of the new up and coming bunch in my opinion.

    If I don’t have a Ferrero Rocher cupcake from them, then I happily treat myself to a Cat & The Cream cupcake.

    Your list is ok, but there are much better options for cupcakes out there.

  4. Hmm, Hummingbird get kudos for doing the chocolate bar cakes. I had a chocolate rum cake from there recently which was amazing. I bought two.

    Ferrero Rocher cupcake though! Hello! oh look I’m in Ealing!

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